I am an interdisciplinary artist that works within several mediums such as sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics, fibers, and printmaking. In my practice I use a variety of techniques and materials to create works that focus on formal elements of line, form, gesture, mark making, repetition and color. Discipline, process, and the act of making are all critical for me and results as the central component to my practice. Dependent on mood, the process of making can be a state that ranges from meditative and repetitive to manic and sporadic. I treat the studio as an arena for dedicated practice and expression. The feeling of openness and space that I experienced growing up in Colorado dramatically affects me to this day and results as an ongoing interest around the idea of space manifesting in a variety of ways within the work. The accumulation of gesture, form, line and color act as a record of the conscious or unconscious state during the making process and the final artwork becomes a space, landscape, or psychological record of that process. I use mark making or form as a vehicle to deploy an exploration into an extensive spectrum of material phenomenon. Within my practice there is an acknowledgment of art history and material conventions which is both utilized and challenged. In my current body of work I aim to question, dispute boundaries, and play within the formal qualities and tensions that exist in work that straddles the line between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional.